OPI: Let’s GO!

Permission granted! We are all ready to start working on this new little project, which will bring to life a small excellence for the neighbourhood and the town of Albano Laziale in Rome! Everyone is eager to see our creation come to life! Let’s GO!

It took us only… 583 days… But we did it!



In line with the winter holidays, the agreement brings a new outlook for Abidjan, for the development of a fresh point of view for Affordable Housing Projects, aimed at the workers from the Agricultural Sector. The agreement signed with PROXIM FINANCE CONSTRUCTION S.A. sets the grounds for a fruitful future collaboration!


PROJECT SUMMARY The project is located in Durazzano, close to Benevento, an important textile production region in Southern Italy. Our proposal comprises the general design of the existing industrial building and its landscape, which will host the new headquarters of Pricoh’s knitwear company. The building is divided in five functional sections: the management area, the…

DRA&U PRICOH's Headquarters Header


DRA&U has been chosen to dream and create the project for PRICOH’s new Headquarters in Italy! The objective we envisioned for this new building is to stimulate the interaction between the different departments within the firm, creating multi-use and flexible spaces to promote a dynamic and creative exchange between the staff.


PROJECT SUMMARY The authorization process for the second project of our REthinkING REbuildING Urban Regeneration Program has begun. The project involves the demolition of a building built in the late 1970s and now abandoned for several years. As planned, we will carry out a project consisting of three zero-emission dwellings independent of each other, and…