In line with the winter holidays, the agreement brings a new outlook for Abidjan, for the development of a fresh point of view for Affordable Housing Projects, aimed at the workers from the Agricultural Sector. The agreement signed with PROXIM FINANCE CONSTRUCTION S.A. sets the grounds for a fruitful future collaboration!

The objective is to support a reasoned and functional urban development that promotes greater respect for the territory and helps the social and economic growth of the local population. Agriculture represents the main economy of the Ivory Coast, as it engages the largest number of the population, therefore it is necessary to pay great attention to the needs and quality of life of these people. In this way there would be (as demonstrated in those more progressive societies) an increase in production as personal happiness has a positive effect on one’s work.
With this vision the creation of Agro Cités will allow an evolution of the urban fabric that will represent an important step for the country. Introducing principles such as Architecture, Quality, Functionality, Sustainable Development, Circular Economy in the growth of the project will allow us to support a model of development that is new for the country and can be replicated.