“Putting a touch of magic on our investments… Recovering what time has forgotten… And restoring beauty, where beauty was once the norm…”

DRA&U Rome office has embarked in a new challenge!

The possibility to express oneself, freely has no price, hence we have decided to become our own clients!
With this spirit we opened a new branch in our studio called “REthinkING & REbuildING” where we set as one of our primary objectives to give value and preserve our territory without embarking in the cementification of otherwise green areas. We will work on recovering or substituting the (sometimes depressing) building heritage, which has sometimes defaced severely the cities and towns in Italy.

For 2018 we have commenced small and medium-scaled projects capable of regenerating the urban fabric.
The first “REthinkING & REbuildING” project will be presented in September! Stay tuned!