On 5-6-7th of March 2019, Baku will host the third edition of the Italian Design Day, an integrated promotion project launched by the Foreign Ministry with a scope to highlight the excellence and peculiarities of Italian design around the world.

This year, under the framework of the Italian Design Day and with the patronage of Italian Embassy in Azerbaijan, DRA&U in collaboration with Union of Architects of Azerbaijan will present their common project on “Baku Urban Regeneration”, which combines excellences of italian design with promotion of the conservation and restoration of the cultural heritage of the strategic and important neighborhood of Baku city. The goal is to promote a rebirth of the territory by keeping “untouched” the history and culture of the area.

The workshop will be presented by Prof. Arch. Elbay Gasimzade (President of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan), Arch. Giorgio Pini (Principal Architect  Studio DRA&U), Prof. Arch. Armando Rossi (President Co.Re.), Eng. Francesco Squasi (Senior Engineering  Studio DRA&U).