Tokyo is the true global city, economically developed reality of a world where our contemporary is firmly rooted in a past of unassailable knowledge.
Enter a project such as the Fashion Museum in an urban “chaotically orderly” required a careful study of the relationship between space and built solid as a metaphor for the fluidity of movement between real space / virtual.
The concept of our project by examining the work of fashion designer Issey Miyake in the eighties that drew a line of apparel innovation. Miyake reversed the principles for the realization of a pleated dress, as tradition has it that bends the fabric first and then realized his head. By reversing this process and allowing the fabric after being cut and sewn, created new artifacts that combined organic materials, shapes and features.
Starting from the same concept we have developed the functions and services of the building in relation to a rotation and a translation of the volume of the tower. These transactions have given rise to an organic form, unique for each level of the museum and are not equal.
The result is a building plastic, an elegant evening dress boldly eccentric in shape and color capable of a strong visual impact in the skyline of the city with “gold” of its coating of aluminum.
The clothing is enhanced by accessories that process data and provide services. Clothes and accessories are filled with bits that give life to a body in continuous relationship with the world.
With the same philosophy, so the terraces have been designed and urban catwalk protruding LED wall 5 feet high projecting the parades that take place within the building, sending information about events planned for the museum.
Special attention we put to electronic systems and bio-technology, capable of making the tower a building sustainable. The physical structure is complemented by software for the overall management of the building, capable of automatic update.


CLIENTWaseba Tokyo University
LOCATIONTokyo, Japan
PROJECT TEAMSimone Luciani, Livia Campana, Annapina Di Filippo