Since 2009, the year of its foundation, DRA&U (Digital Research for Architecture and Urbanism) has placed the interaction between new digital technologies and architecture as a tool for the constructive and social development of cities.
To develop our commitment in this direction we have created a multi-sector platform capable of investigating the contemporary city and its inhabitants. The technological change we experience is epochal and must be understood as an opportunity for the well-being of the community.
With these assumptions we welcome DRA&U++
An interdisciplinary laboratory of a long-term vision that allows us to develop ideas, solutions and sensory projects able to positevely impact the society and the environment we live in.
It is a constant challenge, based on action plans and operating modes able to read, understand and interpret social, environmental and economic changes as well as the continuous evolution of communication.
The work of our studio is based on good practices combining criteria of financial and environmental sustainability, operating as a strategic partner for our clients in the development of the projects. A real challenge that requires the development of action plans able to understand social, environmental and economic change, but also customs and communication transformation.